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Shop our extensive collection of handmade crafts @ Bev's Craft We have everything from holiday items, needlework to glassware materials. All our hand-crafted products are made personally by me (Bev) to insure their unique making and design. Decorate your mantel with hand crafted wine bottles made of a variety of materials for your enjoyment. Your little ones will also look their cutest in embroderied onesis and cute as a button bibs. Don't forget to treat yourself with a hand made crochet sparkle necklace that accentuates any outfit perfectly.. Whether you are looking for unique holiday and event decorations or handcrafting materials for your own homemade creations, we hope Bev's Craft Room has everything your looking for and more. If you don't see what your hoping for, please [drop us a message] and we will try our best to meet your needs.
Hello Craft Lovers and Followers!
Thanks to all who are following me and sorry it has been awhile since I last posted. I am trying something new and I need your help. I am starting a "Baby Onesies " business. Call or [send me a message] and I will give you the details. So if you know of anyone that is going to have a baby shower, please pass this on and I will answer any questions you may have.
About Us
Hi, my name is Beverly Emmert. Growing up I participated in the local 4-H Club where I did everything from sewing, arts & crafts and baking. AND STILL GOING STRONG TODAY.  I have dreamed for some time now of opening my own craft store and just recently took the plunge. In fact I really forgot how much I Love This Industry.  I have started embroidering on everything from baby items to Bridal Wear. Wine bottles are just so much fun to create. I have made them for gifts for Christmas and everyone loved them.  The Cricut Explorer Air2 has become my best friend. Cricuting on items such as Drink Tumblers, Coffee Mugs, Clothing and Wood.  Please take a look inside and I hope there is something there that you have been looking for. If not [3142501394 and I will see what I can do.
Thank You.
Upcoming Shows and Locations
Come see our wears at any of the upcoming craft shows in and around the Mid-West. A listing of the shows Bev's Craft Room will be attending is available for viewing by clicking on the "915-938-1473" link here or above.

We also display our products at various craft stores throughout central Indiana. A list if these store locations can be foumd in our "LOCATIONS" link here or above.

Bev's Best Products

Hand crafted apparel, glassware and machine embroidery!

The best raw materials & eco technologies

I have had a passion and love of crafts since childhood. I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy these products as much as I enjoyed the creation of them..

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